Network-based projects have the potential to multiply the possibilities of impact through a well-coordinated project structure that sustains the results over time at different levels: financial (cooperative shared schemes), institutional (networked) and in terms of capacity (organizative and skills). Unfortunately, that potential is generally under analyzed in traditional monitoring and evaluation tools and methodologies.

After having monitored and evaluated small and large projects worldwide, Col-lab members have developed a specialization in the examination of this collaborative schemes, often involving multiple actors through international and regional cooperation, cross border and/or, sometimes, subnational approaches to territorial development.

We follow the Monitoring and Evaluation principles of the OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC). Yet, our added value resides in incorporating our own tools to measure the quality of the cooperation and reconnect it to the project through a body of lessons learned and recommendations.

For example, Col-lab undertook the final evaluation of the project Global Dimension of Engineering Education (GDEE). The GDEE project is a multi-country initiative that aims to increase the awareness, critical understanding and attitudinal values of undergraduate and postgraduate students in technical universities towards Sustainable Human Development (SHD) and its relationship with technology.

To achieve this, 9 European Universities and NGOs have been working together since 2012, to integrating Sustainable Human Development(SHD) as a cross-cutting issue, improving the competences of academics and engaging both academics and students in initiatives related to SHD. Col-lab joined at the end of the implementation phase of the project to conduct the final evaluation of the project, which served all the stakeholders involved with an independent external analysis that described the strong and weak sides of the intervention and gathered a number of relevant insights, lessons learned and recommendations.