Col-lab is the result of academic and policy research together with practice in more than a hundred projects in a large number of countries, from some of the poorest and most remote areas of the world to highly developed cities and sectors. In all those we have worked together with a considerable number of relevant organizations and witnessed how effective multi-actor cooperation becomes a real asset to deliver development outcomes.

We combine permanently analysis and practice, and incorporate working methods and techniques that encourage active learning and participation.

Europe: EU 28, Norway, Switzerland, Turkey, Montenegro, Ukraine, Serbia, Moldova, Armenia, Georgia and Belarus.

America: US, Canada, Guatemala, El Salvador, Panamá, Costa Rica, Honduras, Colombia, Perú, Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay.

Asia: China, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Bangladesh, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Myanmar.

Africa: South Africa, Mozambique, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Benin, Senegal, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Tunisia, Egypt and Libya.


  1. Advising ENABEL in the elaboration of their new donor diversification strategy; 

  2. Assisting FIIAPP with the review of the intervention guide of Eurosocial+ and with methodological support to conduct policy dialogues at country level (EU-Latin America);

  3. Conducting the midterm evaluation of the multi-country MATRA programme (strengthening democratic governance and rule of law in Southeast and Eastern Europe) for the Netherlands Hensinki Committee

  4. Supporting FIIAPP with the integration and implementation of goal-oriented policy dialogues in the EU funded Euroclima+ (EU-Latin America);

  5. Contributing with content, analysis and facilitation to the Policy Forum on Development, a GIZ implemented/EU funded multi-stakeholder platform;

  6. On-going contribution to the debate about relevant aspects of the global agenda through different media outlets, universities and think tanks such as EL PaísESADEgeo and Instituto Elcano.