My career path towards international development has been a progressive process. After six years of sales and marketing management across Sub-Saharan Africa, I proceeded to apply these skills in trade development, supporting the internationalization of SME’s between Africa and Europe.

Subsequently, equipped with a solid understanding of the forces at play in the transformation of emerging markets, I have developed multi-actor partnerships and managed programs for international NGO’s and social enterprises across sectors including agriculture, education, and entrepreneurship .

I am currently Senior Advisor at Bridge for Billions, developing incubation programs for private sector and development organizations, and Strategic Partnership Advisor at Col-lab, as we extend our reach and services to a wider scope of international development organizations.

This sum of experiences has taught me that systemic change on a global scale can be achieved with a shared vision and concerted efforts on the part of the international development community at large, including policy makers, donors, local and international NGO’s, the private sector and civil society.

Contact: jdk@col-lab