We are often approached to develop a methodology to support the organization and facilitation of specificmeetings or gatherings. Generally, these are meetings where important decisions have to be taken. For that we prepare a number of complementary products that help to stimulate the reflection and debate of members and, at the same time, can contribute to creating a conducive environment for decision-makingwithin the organization.

A typical example of this type would be Col-lab’s input into the General Assembly of European Development Agencies (

The methodology proposed here promotes a gradual connection of the individual self-interest of members with an agreed shared agenda, which concentrates on the most relevant aspects for the cooperation between the members and the most appropriate way to move towards new agreed steps.

In the case of the Practitioners Network, the contribution combined three main activities:

  1. Data gathering and analysis about the main themes chosen for the General Assembly.
  2. Elaborating a discussion paper that integrates, in an orderly and logical manner, key aspects relevant to the members and their future cooperation.
  3. Organizing and facilitating a meeting that encourages the debate amongst the members of the PN, the identification of potential courses of action towards the future and a reminder of accompanying governance and managing structures to achieve collective goals.