associated expert

Ever since I graduated from the Institute of European Studies in Brussels I have been working in the realms of democracy support and institutional reform, mostly as a freelance consultant for a few organisations with whom I have developed fruitful and longstanding relations.

 After almost 15 years designing and implementing capacity development programmes in contexts as diverse as Latin America, Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean Region, one of my few certainties is that the success or failure of any given action relies not only on the means available to stakeholders, but on the capacity to build and nurture a capital of trust among them.

 As a result, most of my work has focused precisely on how to trigger a virtuous cycle between trust and the development of collaborative methodologies in various settings: from managing mechanisms for knowledge exchange between Member States and Pre-Accession countries to building bonds between public authorities and civil society in transitional Tunisia, developing methodologies for inclusive policy dialogue in the EU Neighbourhood or defining the working modalities for collective learning among policy makers from the EU and Latin America.